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Innovators always try to provide the best possible service to the customers.
We know and love what we are selling and we have extensive knowledge of the offered products and services.
For us, people are valuable and we are looking forward to build long term relationships with our customers, always trying to identify and satisfy their needs.

Customization, according to our customer's individual requirements at each stage of the product lifecycle focusing on pre- and post-installation, is our strongest advantage against our competitors.
Our products have a solid reputation for reliability, as well as being application and maintenance friendly.


>Planning and projecting before network implementation
>Equipment and network dimensioning
>Planning on new services and applications
>Interoperability between different systems and interconnection planning
>Planning on network extensions

Installation - Implementation

>Site construction
>Installation of the equipment
>System introduction on location and customizations
>Acceptance tests
>In service activation and monitoring
>Project management


>Hands-on training before implementation
>On-site and on-the-job training during implementation
>Maintenance training
>Planning and engineering training


>Remote support and troubleshooting
>Guaranteed response and resolution times
>On-site support and maintenance
>Prioritizing based on levels of urgency
>Replacement and repair
>Hardware warranty extension and spare parts management
>Preventive maintenance
>24 hours technical support adn escalation levels
>Emergency handling
>SLA agreements with guarantee suport services

Operations - Maintenance
Software Maintenance
Hardware Maintenance
Network Operation Center construction
Real time monitoring and remote management/troubleshooting
Continuous monitoring by specialist facilitates problem solving in emergency situations
Every day operation business and handling of voice and data networks


Special Projects

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